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A Vision for Butterfield Creek

T he watershed is one of the basic organizing elements in nature. Watersheds have a unity that collects and records the effects of the environment, including man's impact. In the Butterfield Creek watershed, urbanization has affected the hydrologic cycle to produce flooding problems, degradation of stream and wetland habitat, and the loss of water-related public places and recreational opportunities. Correcting the problems of Betterfield Creek must involve a comprehensive approach to management of the watershed.

T he Vision for Butterfield Creek is a watershed-wide concept for flood management, environmental restoration and stewardship, and recreational development. Our growing awareness of the importance of integrating the natural and the urban environment suggests that projects addressing stormwater control, streambank stabilization, floodwater storage, and wetland restoration have great potential to include recreational and educational features, and to be linked in a regional recreational corridor system. The watershed communities could in this way reap benefits far beyond the objectives of specific local projects. Thus, if developed with the vision of their unity and interrelationships, the water resource features of Butterfiels Creek could become major recreational and cultural assets of the communities within the watershed.

T he Vision Plan illustrates the opportunities to create multiple benefits from water resource management within the Butterfield Creek watershed. The plan is not a blueprint, but rather is meant to suggest and inspire specific implementaion projects.

Butterfield Creek Steering Committee
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